So, my new EP is out now! I wanted to write a couple of words about the songs from the EP, starting with the oldest song. 

Skärgården was originally written last summer and released on my EP v31. The previously released version has more instruments on it though (double bass and drums), and on this new version it’s only piano. I actually wanted to release the piano solo version of the song on the EP Piano pt.6, but that would have made it a full length record (which costs more to release than an EP, yeah, I am that cheap). On the new EP, Spring, I kind of had a spot open and the song actually fits better on this EP than my last one. 

The song is inspired by a day trip I took together with my wife and my kids to an island called Styrsö right outside Gothenburg. It was one of the days when the weather was nice that week. Sun was up, we ate ice cream, swum in the ocean.

It’s also one of few Sleepy Songs I remember how to play! I usually work really hard with recording a song, and then forget how it was played when it’s finished… But this song I play every now and then!

I hope you enjoy it!


And if you’re curious how the songs sounds in a more ”jazzy” version, you can listen to it here:

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