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Spotted: Rikard Mathisson with Sleepy Songs – Hawthorn

Time for track number three from the collaboration EP With! Today I present to you the track Hawthorn made by me Andy buddy Rikard Mathisson. It has been an interesting journey with Rikard. We first me through Facebook where Rikard was looking for someone to help out with mix and master for his very first release! Since then; we have both grown musically and I’m excited to share with you the second track we have worked with (the first one being Rowan).

On Rowan I wrote the first piano parts and then Rikard added his parts. On this tune, we did the other way around. I worked on my parts during the summer of 2019 when I was living in a house in Falsterbo, Sweden.

Tell us something about the track, Rikard!
I’ve been getting to know this friend of mine, Johan Eckman quite well the last few years, and we’ve been doing several other projects together, mostly not piano related though. One of these days, I got a hunch that we should do a joint effort and combine our two piano voices. It turned out to be a great idea, We share the joy in creating piano music it was great fun, and our two pianos meet well in a conversation, with intertwined melodies. It is a really emotional piece, and I’ve even written some lyrics, although that is a story for later…

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