Spotted: Bastice – Rosé

Spotted: Bastice – Rosé

Today I’m introducing you to the German piano artist and composer Bastice, based in Berlin. Bastice started playing the piano at the Ade of ten, and has since then used music as a way fo diving into another world.

In the last few month I rediscovered the piano and it was like meeting an old friend again after many years. It felt so relieving and the music came before I could even realize it. 

The track Rosé was released as a single early January 2020, but will also be part of an upcoming EP.

Tell us something about your track Rosé!
With Rosé I tried to explore gentle tension and release. It was a metaphor for how I felt/feel in the pandemic. The only relieve of the urge for certainty gave me music —  which the middle part stands for. I wish everybody to find their own „middle part“ in these times!!

Thank you very much for this!

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