Spotted: André Goyvaerts – Altschmerz

Spotted: André Goyvaerts – Altschmerz

Today I’m presenting you with the latest track, Altschmerz, by the Irish composer and piano player André Goyvaerts. André has played the piano for 13 years and has been composing music since the first time he touched the keys.

The track Altschmerz was released on the album Keyframes which came out on the 22nd of April, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Altschmerz!
n. weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had—the same boring flaws and anxieties you’ve been gnawing on for years. 

We start the album by introducing the anxious and ruminating thoughts in my mind following the first keyframe years ago. Anxious thoughts swung back and forth into my mind like a pendulum, never really leaving but slowly getting fainter over time, despite the sharp pain they may cause. I wanted this song to be played in a waltzing fashion to portray the circular and in-and-out anxious thoughts in my mind. Like the dance the thoughts would playfully move in and out of my mind like a pendulum, causing pain but gradually becoming fainter.

Thank you for this André!