Spotted: Idle Reverie – String of Pearls

Spotted: Idle Reverie – String of Pearls

Today I’m introducing you to American composer and pianist Wes Kendall, originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. Wes makes music with the group Idle Reverie. He started composing on the piano when he was 15 years old, and it’s still his favorite hobby even 15 years later.

This track is part of a short album called As we depart which was released in may of 2019. Later this year Idle Reverie will release a video and storyline for the album.

Tell us something about your track String of pearls!

String of Pearls is a tragic and yet somewhat hopeful song. It was one of those pieces that naturally flowed after playing around with the idea one night. It makes me think of a person in a cycle of depression, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel while also having this subtle feeling that it is only temporary.

Thank you for this song, and the short album Wes!

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