Spotted: Jacob Trautner – I’m Leaving Today

Spotted: Jacob Trautner – I’m Leaving Today

Today I’m presenting you with the track I’m Leaving Today by the danish composer and piano player Jacob Trautner. Jacob has played the piano for the most part pop his life and in 1998 he graduated from the Royal academy of music in Aarhus.

I love many different kinds of music, but always doing new stuff, I experienced a gradually loss in my own emotional connection to music. I needed to reconnect, and over a couple of years I mainly focused on arranging and composing. I wanted to get back to a more honest and authentic expression. That led to two albums Melancholy and Short Stories.

The track I’m leaving today was released as a single on the 26th of may, 2023.

Tell us something about your track I’m Leaving Today!
I’m Leaving Today, being the second. It’s a simple piano composition that captures the essence of making a tough decision to leave something behind. With a simple melody, this piece takes you through the emotions of sorrow, nostalgia, and hope that come with letting go of a part of your life. It’s a window to our common experience of grappling with change.
I guess I always have been prone to depression and therefore my music also tend to come from a darker place but hopefully reflected in the music in a way that myself and others can use to make peace with these difficult emotions.

Thank you for sharing this with us Jacob!