Spotted: Kaleidoscope of Colours – Mimosa

Spotted: Kaleidoscope of Colours – Mimosa

Today I’m introducing you to the German composer Susanne Geisler, her project Kaleidoscope of Colours and the latest release Mimosa!

Susanne has a very unique “condition” called synesthesia.

For those of us who isn’t familiar with synesthesia, what is it?
When I listen to music or play my piano I immediately perceive colours, that are evoked in my brain. A lot artists have it – Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga. But because I had difficulties with traditional note reading, I startet my own way to compose – entirely on base of colors.

The track MIMOSA will be featured on the upcoming EP called „The Birth of Colours“, which will be released May, 8th, but is also released as a single.

Tell us something about your track Mimosa!
Within the EP’s concept MIMOSA stands for the element of the flowers, one of the most sensitive elements of our planets nature. And as you might know, the Mimosa goes even further, as it is the most sensitive flower you can find on earth. Being a highly sensitive person, the piece is also closely related to my personal nature: always being observing, shy, but deeply profound, deeply connected to animals and nature and sometimes being a bit overwhelmed by my environment. Thats why I startet composing, because I get so easily overwhelmed by the daily noises and its colors, that I wanted to write something, that calmes me down, something that always reminds me on who I am. And I’m really glad, that I get a lot of feed back from people who feel the same.

Thank you for sharing this with us Susanne!

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