Spotted: Richard Hellgren – Surfacing

Spotted: Richard Hellgren – Surfacing

Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer and piano player from the very special Swedish place of Gotland, located in the Baltic Sea. Richard has a background in classical music, but has the past few years put his focus on minimalistic piano music.

The track Surfacing is featured on the EP Felt Transience which came out on October the 25th.

Felt referring to that the pieces are played on a felted piano but also referring to something that is being felt. Originally i thought of just naming the ep Autumn since there is a autumn feel and theme to it.

Tell us something about your track Surfacing!
Well I guess a funny story is that I originally conceived this piece for a wind quintet. I study composition and am writing a piece for a wind ensemble and it will also incorporate this theme. For me i think this piece symbolises feeling your life force and inner truth emanating and surfacing. In the album it serves as a kind of counterweight to the other more melancholy pieces. 

Thank you Richard!

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