Spotted: Lonely Lighthouse – My Soul Friend

Spotted: Lonely Lighthouse – My Soul Friend

Today I’m introducing you to another track by the Icelandic composer and piano player Birgir Thorisson and his project Lonely Lighthouse. Birgir lives in the small town of Akranes in the south-west of Iceland and started playing the piano at the age of seven.

I’m classicly trained, and although I wouldn’t concider me a classical player, my music is definetly under influences from classical music.

The track My Soul Friend was released as a single on the 1st of December, 2021.

Tell us something about your track My Soul Friend!
I was looking for inspiration for a new piece when I came across the idea of Anam Cara or soul friend – a beautiful old celtic concept of soul mates, but runs deeper in a way. Thinking about it, and looking at images from Ireland and its’ culture, My Soul Friend came to be. 

It’s basically made out of 2 parts which I wrote in a kind of improvisation and then refined the Ideas.

Thanks for this Birgir!