Spotted: Matthias Krauss – Melody Island

Spotted: Matthias Krauss – Melody Island

Today I’m introducing you to the German piano player and composer Matthias Krauss from Cologne. Matthias started playing the piano when he was a kid, and later took some classical lessons. At the same time he started experimenting with synthesizers and guitars and played in a couple of bands. He started releasing piano music in 2020.

The track Melody Island was released as a single on the 13th of November, but will also be part of the EP Improving Silence III which will be out on December 18th, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Melody Island!
With the Song „Melody Island“ it was, as often, kind of magical, how the song was evolved by itself…sometimes I am just looking at my fingers and ask myself – surprising how this comes all together :-)After this, when I have the „final“ Take,  I start overdubbing some decent sounds to expand the given atmosphere. So , every song I release for this series is kind of an unique version – which I never will play the same way as on the recordings.It is fantastic to have the possibility as an artist to be heard in nearly every country on the planet and for a listener it is even more exiting to explore all the different kinds of music. I really hope that some of them will enjoy listening to my music 🙂

Thank you Matthias!

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