Spotted: Rien De Keyser – Sliding

Spotted: Rien De Keyser – Sliding

Today I’m introducing you to the Belgium born and UK based composer Rien De Keyser. Rien is a classical trained piano player but also experimented with electronic music production. These two blends together in his solo project.

The track Sliding was released on the EP Movements in time on the 13th of November, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Sliding!
This track was written just after I found out my dad was diagnosed with cancer. The very emotional start was the first thing I played on the piano immediately after he’d called me – I was sad, I was angry, I needed to release some energy on the piano. I knew exactly what I wanted to play, but it took some practice to get the quick finger movements down. The other parts of the song were written to tell the story of how I felt with each new update I received. Despite the sombre final chord, all is well and my dad recovered fully!

Thank you for that heartwarming story Rien!

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