Spotted: Thomas E Rouch – Alone In A Crowd

Spotted: Thomas E Rouch – Alone In A Crowd

Next up from the Sonder House Recollections volume 3 is Thomas E Rouch, who I have written about before here! Thomas is an Australian composer based in Melbourne. Besides writing and releasing music on his own, he also works as a composer writing music for films and TV.

The track Alone in a crowd is released as a single as well as being a part of the Sonder House Recollections volume 3.

Tell us something about your track Alone in a crowd!
I try to compose new piano works each week and have been putting these on my Instagram and You Tube channels in a series called piano thought for the day. These “thoughts” have become quite popular and Alone In A Crowd started off in that format. I think everybody knows that feeling of being surrounded by people but feeling isolated, misunderstood and alone, this track was written to convey that feeling. The response on my socials to the original piano idea was very encouraging, people really related to it so when Kyle asked me to contribute a track I took my initial idea and then expanded it to make it a more complete song for release.

Thanks for this!

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