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    About the song: Meadow

    This Friday I released a new song. Or, it’s actually not new. Usually when I write music, I record it at the same time. Then I mix it, master it, makes some kind of cover art and then start looking for a available date do release the song.

    This one is very much different!

    I wrote this between the takes of a recording session at the pre-school where my buddy Anders Wiking works. I had like five minutes here and there so the video of me playing it is as close to an improvisation I can get.

    When I got home from the recording session I didn’t want to record the song the way I usually record. At home – with my nord electro and some kind of sample library. I wanted to try to record it with an acrostic piano.

    Six months passed and I found myself celebrating Christmas in Arvika. My little sister had just bought a house, and the previous owner was some kind of piano professor at Ingesunds musical university. When the professor moved out he left an amazing upright piano just standing there, so that’s where I decided to record the song!

    I recorded it on the 29th of December in Arvika – took it with me to Malmö and made some adjustments (mix and master) and then just uploaded it to be released on the 31st of January.

    I hope you like the tune – because to me; it’s very special!

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    About the song: Februari

    This song has both been recorded and released before as a part of my EP Piano pt. 6.

    This song is kind of a co-write by me and my buddy Dan Sigurdsson (the guy who wrote the song Begravningsauran from this album). I was working on the “A part” and needed a “B part”. I tried to come up with something for a while, and then came to think about my piano part from the Broms Friskusen song Ögon. It worked like a charm!

    For the previous recording I used a lot of synths, strings and effects for the song. But I really liked the piano part, so that’s the reason why I wanted to try to record the song again but with piano only.

    It worked out great I would say!


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    About the song: As it gets dark

    As many other of the songs taken from this album this tune is written and recorded in my parents basement during last Christmas (in which you gave me your heart and so on…).

    Winters in Sweden is equal to darkness. Sun will rise around 9am and go back to hiding again six hours later; if the sun can shine through the clouds at all that is.

    So I guess this tune is my homage to the Swedish winter. And the darkness that comes with it of course…


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    Thank you!

    The blog as you know it has now been up and running for about a year. If I remember correctly; the first post ever was a Behind the piano post about me and it was posted on the 13th of December 2018. The first Spotted post was posted on the 28th of December about the track Respite by the artist Astralus.

    It has been a great year where I’ve seen both the interest of the blog increased as well as the interest of the music I make.

    Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey!

    Next up is 2020 and I hope that year will be filled with many own releases (making plans right know) and many great posts about great new music and artists!

    And by the way: today is my 34th birthday. Why not take a listen to some of my songs to celebrate?

    Happy new year!

    Speak soon!

    A quick view on were all you visitors has came from this year.
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    About the song: The student, the teacher

    Sometimes in my work as a pre-school teacher, we get interns from the iniversite. Aspiring pre-school teachers. A few years back I got a student that was totally uninspired and didn’t seem very interested in working (or even talk) with kids. This was of course very frustrating, and somehow I ended up writing this song after work.

    I still like this song, but the first few times after recording it it reminded me of that student. Not a pleasant memory, but I do like the song!


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    About the track: Begravningsauran

    This is the only track from the album which I haven’t written myself! I am kind of involved in the original tune since it was written by my buddy Dan Sigurdson. I occasionally play piano together with Dan in the project Broms Friskusen, and this was a song that Dan didn’t want to play (because it was to old) but I kind of forced him into including it in our list of live songs because I love it!

    This is also one of the songs that I always play when I warm up or when I need inspiration. Or when I just want to play something instead of staring at the wall.


    And here’s the original track:

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    About the track: Wakening

    This track from my album For the once left behind was written an recorded in the basement of my parents house in Arvika about a year ago. Like (almost) every year; I travel to my parents for celebrate Christmas. Each year I try to bring some kind of recording equipment. A couple of years ago I only brought my Maschine (which resulted in the tracks Arvika and Falsterbo).

    This time I brought my nord electro, which resulted in this song (and a few others.


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    About the track: Sweden

    Today I want to give you the short story about the opening track from my album For the ones left behind called Sweden. Like the tracks Finland and We Won!, this was also written during the World Cup of ice hockey somewhere around may of 2019.

    Sweden had, on paper, a pretty good team and was (by many) predicted to at least reach the final stage of the tournament. But individual talent is not all when it comes to team sports…

    Hence the melancholic song.


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    About the album: For the ones left behind

    So, in a world filled with singles; why did I finally decide to make an album? One of the reasons is really boring, but I’ll tell you anyway!

    You know if you go to an artists Spotify profile, and you look at the release closest to the top, just below the “top 10 tracks”, there is always an album (as long as the artist has released an album of course). It doesn’t matter if the album is ten years old and the artist has made 200 singles since that album. In a world of singles, the album always ends up on top.

    So one of the reasons for making this album was actually so that something I think represents me better than my previous albums should be on top.

    Another reason is of course; ALBUM! There is a certain feel to release an album. Theres is so much more work to get an album finished than to just record one song, make the cover art and release it the same night…

    This album contains a variety of songs from my entire life. Everything from newly written songs, cover songs and new versions of older (sleepy) songs.

    I really like this little album of mine, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

    Have a listen, and let me know what you think!

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    About the song: Lundellsgärdet

    This song was written and recorded during my Christmas vacation in Arvika 2018. I sat by my piano in my old room in the basement of my parents house, looking out over my old neighborhood. The neighborhood is called Lundellsgärdet, so this is my theme for my old neighborhood in Arvika where I grew up. 

    Right befor Christmas, I was listening a lot to Erik Slättbergs album Growth, and especially the song Tybblelund, so I guess you can say that the song is very inspired by that particular song with the time signature changing between 4/4 and 3/4, and has a rather jazzy feeling to it.